IT Integration and Support


Techvision ICT Solutions Inc. Managed and Outsourcing services include planning, design, construction and integration of the network; delivery and installation of equipment, development and implementation of software solutions, monitoring, management and maintenance of ICT systems in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

These services are designed for companies and organizations that want to optimize their ICT resources and reduce costs by redirecting capital investments in infrastructure and software applications in the operating costs of service use.


Techvision ICT Solutions Inc. provides consulting services in the fields of information - communication technology (ICT) and energy using vast experience gained through the implementation of technologically and operationally complex projects for major companies and institutions in the region.

Every successful company has to take care of the proper management and development of ICT resources in order to ensure the efficiency, better productivity and to optimize operating costs. Techvision ICT Solutions Inc. can help you focus on further development of your core business, while leaving the care for your ICT systems to our experts at minimum cost so you can ensure maximum business results.

  • Managed Network Services
  • Management of network infrastructure on a daily basis, corrective and preventive maintenance on site, system and services optimization, network change management, installation and upgrade of the equipment, multivendor support with the choice of preferred manufacturer.
  • IT Managed Services
  • IT Service Management
  • 24 x7 Monitoring & Help Desk
  • On – site Services
  • Cost reduction
  • Flexible scope of services according to the needs of users
  • Quick and cost-effective placement of new services
  • Capacity expansion
  • The predictability of performances and costs
  • Using the most modern equipment
  • The quality and reliability of services with guaranteed SLA
  • Fast troubleshooting with a single Help Desk
  • The possibility of rapid and appropriate responses in case of changes in the internal / external environment
  • Cost savings in the area of administration, maintenance, and human resources


Techvision ICT Solutions Inc. can help you
  • Understand the impact of new technology on the success and growth of your business
  • Assess your current state of ICT infrastructure and find segments to improve
  • Meet the specific needs of your company
  • Implement the latest technological solutions of leading vendors and manufacturers
  • Optimally manage your ICT system

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